Freedom from Trauma is an innovative holistic guide to help you heal from trauma and support you in moving into the wholeness and fullness of who you are. In this book, Kristina Lea and Heather Ensworth, Ph.D. have combined their personal and professional experiences (of over 50 years) to share their ever-deepening understanding of the process of healing. They present an approach that is called the ARCH model that consists of four primary components for the recovery from trauma:
Alignment: Connecting with inner stillness and aligning with your true self

Relationship: How to find and develop healing relationships in your life

Consciousness: Bringing into awareness the hidden and lost aspects of yourself

Healing: Practical ways to heal on all levels and how to integrate a new sense of self
This model includes many aspects of psychological approaches to trauma therapy such as the importance of a healing relationship, as well as how to increase emotional self-regulation and how to work on the developmental impacts of trauma. It also incorporates ways to regain a strong sense of self and heal patterns in relationships.

At the same time, this book reflects Kristina and Heather’s personal and professional experiences of the limitations of traditional psychology and psychiatry for healing trauma and the need for a more holistic approach. There is a growing trend toward integrative methods to the treatment of trauma—such as mindfulness meditation combined with psychotherapy and models focused on bringing the parts of the self into consciousness. The ARCH model incorporates a conceptual and energetic framework that can accommodate all of these theories and modalities in a simple and flexible way that is accessible to those who are in therapy as well as those who are seeking to do healing work on their own.
The ARCH model includes all aspects of the self—spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational. At the deepest level, this model is a guide to support the compassionate acceptance of all of who we are, while maintaining a connection with the ever present inner peace (soul self) at the center of our being. It is also about finding ways to expand our consciousness and spiritual awareness as we heal, allowing us to regain a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives and the remembrance that we are not alone in this journey but are held by light, love and energies much larger than ourselves. As we heal individually and are no longer controlled by our trauma, then, we are able to support the healing of our global community and the planet.