“Kristina has been instrumental in helping to set me free from life-long patterns shaped by trauma, shame, self-betrayal and being invisible.  The depth and focus of her work and the manner she holds the space for healing truly provides a conduit for Grace. Whether working with me in person or remotely, the alchemy of Kristina healing practice encompassing her innate soul gifts, un-conditional acceptance, soul-sight and someone who has done their own healing and gritty inner work – has been transformational.  Just being in Kristina’s presence is healing. My healing journey has also benefited profoundly from Kristina’s unique and sacred way of working with Heather Ensworth.  Kristina and Heather have been like mystical, loving parents, helping me to find my way home.   Thanks to them I am home and will never have to leave again……no matter where – I might be or go.” -L.T., Bangkok, Thailand

“I have known Kristina for over 15 years, and I continue to be in awe of her intuitive and healing gifts. I gave Kristina her attunements to Reiki, but she rapidly surpassed this single modality. She is more of a natural shaman than a simple energy healer. Her intuitive readings- sometimes literal and sometimes symbolic-are profound and trustworthy. She heals on the emotional and spiritual levels, and the body often responds by healing physically when the underlying issues are removed.” –  J. W., Certified Energy Health Practitioner, Pennsylvania, USA

“When conventional medicine says you have an incurable disease, it just means THEY can’t cure you. Working with Kristina helped me understand the connection between my mind, body and spirit. Her treatments helped my body work out the toxicity of chemotherapy; her wisdom helped me connect with long held grief and better manage life’s disappointments. I was finally able to see how to work through them. The sessions with Kristina were varied. She has developed numerous modalities and uses her intuition to determine what you need most. Don’t wait until you are in crisis mode! You are curable now. Remain open, and let Kristina guide you into balance.” – G.R., Massachusetts, USA

“I have suffered with back problems related to herniated discs for almost 20 years. I sought Kristina out for treatments after I had an MRI done, and my doctor told me the only option was back surgery. After seven sessions, my back was healed. I went off all my prescription pain medication and haven’t needed any further follow up treatment of any kind. That was nine months ago. The results were simply amazing. All that I can say is, it works.” –  G.E., New York, USA

“I feel extremely grateful to have met Kristina Lea who, after years of being incredibly ill with Ulcerative Colitis, helped me start my healing journey.  I met her soon after meeting a surgeon who had assured me that the only way I was going to get better was to have my colon removed. After years of extreme dieting and medications I truly felt like my body had failed me. I was recommended to Kristina through Heather Ensworth as another healing source for my illness, and feeling like I had tried everything under the sun, I was not feeling too hopeful. I met with Kristina who took the time to know my story, and a clear understanding of both my physical and emotional health. From that day my health only continued to improve, it seemed every time I got on her table I noticed a change in whether it was my mental or physical symptoms. I would commute from Boston, every time more eager and excited to see Kristina. The work she asked me to do was not always easy, and there were for sure times where I did feel hopeless, but she was always there as a strong support through my journey. When I felt like my health was backsliding, I would simply text her and just getting the words of support and encouragement was enough to help me continue with my journey. She is an incredibly gifted healer and will not only show you the steps to how to heal, but will be there to support you through it. Today I have yet to have that surgery and I have been able to continue living my life as someone who no longer feels daily she is a sick patient. If you feel you have tried everything do yourself the favor and come see Kristina.” L.R., Boston, MA, USA

“I’ve worked with Kristina for about three years. While conventional talk therapy helped, working with Kristina has brought about lasting healing. Her empathy, warmth, and guiding conversations introduced me to hidden parts of myself ready for healing. The energetic healing modalities she periodically used were explained with highlights of potential outcomes.  I ALWAYS  felt emotionally lighter, heard, and understood. Working with her makes my life’s journey authentic; clearing out unhealthy patterns and beliefs. The cleared debris is a release of what no longer serves me. Making space for a life that is aligned with my true self!” J.F., Plum Island, MA, USA

” Kristina is a gift to this world. I personally am a healer and have a very difficult time finding other healers who have done their work enough to be able to support me without trying to manipulate or dominate me. Kristina is a breath of fresh air. She is extremely talented at her trade and has truly done her own personal work. I never feel minimized, gaslighted, or hesitant to share my wins. As much as I go to her to work on where I’m feeling stuck (and she definitely unsticks me!) I also work on my next level with her so she needs to be able to hold space for my magnificence which she does with authentic joy. There are a lot of unhealed healers in this world if you are lucky enough to have found Kristina book now and know that you have embarked on a beautiful journey of healing.” L.L., MA, USA