About me

I am a holistic energy practitioner. I incorporate healing that I have learned and experienced from around the world with my own intuitive healing gifts. I work on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the body simultaneously.

Because of the deep healing work I have personally done and the training I have received, I am able to come from an expanded heart space with spiritual integrity. I am a clear and open vessel for divine light and love to flow through me.

I use an integrative approach, that carefully addresses the inner wounded parts of the Self. It is a profound experience to witness a person deepen their connection to lost or hidden parts of themselves. I am able to tune in and get specific information about these wounded parts in an accurate way that helps facilitate the healing process.

I am vigilant in holding sacred space and a calm presence as we work with trauma and the deep emotional process. Because of my own intense healing journey, I both understand all the layers and levels of working with trauma and am able to create a sense of safety and trust as we work to open up to your own woundedness. I am able to appropriately pace and discern how much to open and how to ensure that there is adequate external and internal support for the process to be a healing experience rather than too rapid or intense without proper support in a way that could be re-traumatizing.

My process of working with trauma is also an integrative approach, to work both the conscious and unconscious, in terms of working with memories (from this lifetime and past lives) as well as core beliefs and behavior patterns that were forged in the trauma experiences. Also addressed are the emotions, sensations and body memories and physical effects of trauma. My healing approach is about empowering you to feel actively engaged in your own healing journey rather than being dependent on an external authority. I give practical work that you are able to do in between healing sessions that is effective in allowing an integration and rapid shift into new patterns and ways of being.

The healing process that I have developed works simultaneously on the energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, which allows it to be both an accelerated and integrated process, so that the healing lasts and supports shifts on every level.

Supported by MRI results as well as the experiences and reports from my clients, the healing work is profound. I am always working with the underlying energetic and emotional issues related to any physical conditions so that the deeper issues are being addressed.

Trained in:

Reiki Master, Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Zero Balancing (ZB), Peter Levine (somatic expression for trauma), Biofield Tuning, shamanic practices, Munay Ki Rites, Chinese Energetic medicine.